United Retek

the Pioneer of Onsite Remediation


About United Retek

United Retek, was among  the first to recognize the extraordinary benefits of utilizing properly formulated reagents with Pugmill processing  for the stabilization and recycling of contaminated soils.

In 1987 United Retek was established, pioneering the development and utilization of on-site contaminated
soil recycling.

Since then United Retek has utilized a wide array of solidification/ stabilization technologies to remediate a vast range of hazardous and contaminated soils.


Industrial, Commercial and Government


Environmental Engineering - 35+ years

Remedial Contracting - 20+ years

Project Management - 50+ years.


The Retek Process

United Retek, was the first to recognize the extraordinary benefits of utilizing properly formulated asphalt emulsions, as part of a solidification and stabilization approach, in the treatment and recycling of contaminated soils.

United Retek is the leading provider of soil remediation services for industrial, commercial and government clients. We have assisted with cleanup efforts at sites throughout New England, New York and New Jersey, including military bases, utility company locations, transportation areas, inner city developments and others.

The Retek Process utilizes proprietary chemical formulations specifically for metal-bearing solid wastes and materials handling procedures based on the needs of each particular site. The method involves adding a reactive form of reagent and sometimes a ph buffer (when necessary) to the metal-bearing waste. Divalent metal cations, and especially lead, arsenic, cadmium, and chromium react with the reagents to form very insoluble compounds. The chemistry is well known and is based on solubility product data that have been in the literature for decades.

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